After playing goal for many years and having the same complaints as many goalies about sweat dripping into your eyes come the third period. I decided to make a sweatband even better.

These are the Original Sham Sweatbands not cheap knock offs. They have a special foam core that has been tested to hold 1/4 cup of water. The special material used has HGT (Head Gripping Technology) built right in. As the material gets wet, it does not slip like terry cloth does, it actually grips the forehead just a bit. Holding your mask in place better, especially late in the game.

  • Made in America
  • Professionally sewn
  • Very durable
  • Just wash with jersey, socks, etc and hang to dry; NO dryer
  • Used World-Wide at every level of the game


  1. Martin Finkenzeller

    In short summary: The sham sweatbands are outstanding products!

    I am playing as a floorball goalie which is an indoor sport in warm gyms and I sweat a lot under my goalie mask and till recently suffered from perspiration in my eyes. Since two weeks I use the sham sweatbands regularly during practising and games: With the sham bands there was not one drop of sweat in my eyes! In addition to that, the mask stays fixed and did not slip due to sweat. This is a great advantage compared to having to readjust the mask after every action and helps you to focus on the game and not on the mask. And it is a really good (hygienic) feeling under the mask. I even can do without a towel!

    I tried all three sizes and they work equally well concerning the absorption of perspiration. For my mask the middle sized band works best. First I was skeptically that the thin and smaller ones work as well as the thick one. However, I can assure you that you want have a drop of wet regardless the thickness of the band!

    I absolutely recommend the sham sweatbands. For everyone suffering from sweat in the eyes (like me) I can tell you from my own experience that sham sweatbands will provide the solution!nn1

    • Martin Finkenzeller

      I also use the sham sweatbands for biking!

      After several months using the sham sweatbands I am still very happy. They do en excellent job and seem to be very durable. I want to extend my own reply because I use the shams also for mountain biking. They fit perfectly under a biking helmet. Just replace the frontlet inside the helmet with the sham sweatband and adjust the straps if necessary. The shams are much more comfortable and again no problems with sweat in my eyes!